MENTOR Center Ohio Donations

Your donation is vital to MENTOR Central Ohio's efforts to help more children. For example, your donation of: $25 provides participant guides for four mentors; $50 trains a mentor in relationship-building; $100 trains, background checks, and places a mentor; $200 provides advanced trainings in decision-making and other life skills; and $1,000 provides coaching and support in quality practices for new mentoring programs to serve more children!

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With thousands of children living in poverty and facing other serious life challenges, more now than ever, our youth need adults to step up and step in.  Research shows that mentoring positivity impacts youth in the areas of academics, life skills, interpersonal growth, and beyond.  Part of a national affiliate network through the National Mentoring Partnership (MENTOR), MENTOR Central Ohio is in a unique position to have an impact on youth through mentoring on a macro level.  As an intermediary, rather than directly mentor youth, we support the many programs who offer mentoring opportunities to youth.  As a result, when you give to MENTOR Central Ohio, you are giving to and supporting multiple mentoring programs and thousands of youth.  According to MENTOR’s 2016 National Mentoring Program Survey:

  • The average mentoring program has only 4.1 paid employees with 59% having fewer than 3 staff members
  • The average mentoring program budget is $153,465 with 51% of programs having a budget under $50,000
  • The most common challenges reported among mentoring programs is mentor recruitment and fundraising
These key facts highlight the fact that mentoring programs have a significant need for the evidence-based support we provide, much of which cannot be accessed anywhere else outside of our network.  According to this Survey, mentoring programs who leverage our services:
  • Are more likely to require longer match commitments and have longer average match length (which positively impacts youth outcomes)
  • Have a shorter waitlist of youth needing a mentor
  • Are less likely to have challenges around mentor training, program design, fundraising, developing partnerships, and providing staff development
  • Are less likely to offer no training to mentors (which positively impacts match outcomes)

Your gift to MENTOR Central Ohio enables us to provide a range of resources and tools to increase the quality and quantity of mentoring, impacting than just one young person and more than one program.  Thank you in advance for giving the gift of mentoring - because there are some things young people should never go through alone… Life is one of them. 

If you prefer to donate by mail, please send a check to:

MENTOR Central Ohio
1855 E. Dublin Granville Rd.
Columbus, Ohio 43229

For questions, contact Ami Peacock at or 614-839-2447 x199 (Tax ID #31-4379429)